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By Kanishk Rastogi - Coupon Specialist Dec 04 2019

Hobby Lobby Christmas Sale

Date of Commencement 

The Christmas sale at Hobby Lobby commences on 26th December. The sale goes on roughly till 2-3 weeks, until all the products for sale are sold, where the discounts gradually increase each week.

Why you should choose Hobby Lobby?

The products are exclusive for sale of huge discount up to 90% off. These products for sale are available to all customers. Their clearance sale is a gem of a find. The perfect home decor and Christmas trees are not available at any other place for this price. Their qualities of the products are supreme and are the finest in the market right now. The sweet part of the deal is one can save receipts for their purchases, and if within 14 days of purchase there is a price fall in the purchased products, the price is reverted to the sale amount.

Christmas Clearance Sale

Hobby Lobby has announced their latest Christmas clearance sale and there is nothing but sheer joy and utmost happiness incoming with the winters. While supplies last, items on Christmas clearance are being sold with discounts up to 90% in store and up to 80% off online. While shopping online, shipping starts at $6.95 and is free with a minimum order of $50. Shopping has been easier with the Hobby Lobby online store with vast options of categories to choose from. These include:

  • Artificial Christmas Trees.
  • Candles and Fragrances.
  • Christmas Cards and Stationeries.
  • Crafts.
  • Fashion and Novelty Items.
  • Floral Arrangements.
  • Gift Wrap and Wrapping Paper.
  • Home Décor and Pillows.
  • Kitchen and Dining.
  • Nativity Sets.
  • Lights and Accessories.
  • Mini Trees and Ornaments.
  • Ornaments.
  • Party Supplies.
  • Ribbon and Bows.
  • Stockings and Holders.
  • Tree Decorations.

Hobby Lobby categories

Best Clearance Deals from 2018




Christmas Gift Boxes 3-Count



Christmas Lingerie Boxes (4)



Christmas Paper Trays 2-count



Heavy Duty Gift Wrap (100 ft)



Holiday Ribbon



Holiday Gift Bags

40% off

90% off

Outdoor Use Christmas Bows



The Star Stuffed Sheep



Robert Stanley Dessert Cups



Robert Stanley Beverage Dispenser



Holiday Tins



Jolly St. Nick Felt Stockings



The Christmas Shoppe Stocking Holders

Up to $17.99


The Christmas Shoppe Tree Skirts



World’s Smallest Pez



World’s Smallest Barbie




Additionally, Hobby Lobby provides this extra coupon which states 40% off on one item at regular price. This Coupon is applicable to the highest value of the item in cart which is not on sale. However, this coupon cannot be used with any other coupon and must be presented at the time of purchase. The coupon can be used once per day by any customer who avails the coupon. This coupon can be generated by visiting the official website of Hobby Lobby and applying the “40% off on one regular item”. It can be applied directly to the cart for online shoppers and a printed version of the coupon is also available for the in-store purchasers. The coupon is sadly only valid till November 30th 2019.

Hobby Lobby Secret Sale

Hobby Lobby is one of those places which have everything a person could possible want and more to give your home the perfect design and upgrade that you’ve been frantically looking for. A person is bound to find good deals anytime they set foot inside the store. However, there is a secret sale that only very few limited people know about. The Hobby Lobby Secret Sale takes place twice a year- the first one happens right after Mother’s Day and the second one right after Christmas. This sale can get one discounts up to 90%. Items start typically at a 50 to 66% discount. The items which are not sold are discounted at 80% the next week and then 90% shortly after. If you are patient enough to wait, you could snag a few knickknacks for your selves for practically nothing. The best part is Hobby Lobby always has running sales and there are some unmatchable deals found in the clearance section. Nevertheless there a very few items that never go up on sale such as gift wrap, party supplies, candy making supplies, cards and specialty paper. Overall, this is a sweet deal for anyone and everyone that walks into the store and is willing to decorate their houses at low prices.

Best ways to save at Hobby Lobby this Christmas

  • Don’t shop without their 40% off coupon.
  • Shop the clearing aisles first.
  • Check out the weekly 50% off sales.
  • Apply a coupon instead of relying on sale.
  • Don’t shop on truck delivery day.
  • Save up to 30-40% off on fabrics.
  • Ask for discounts on damaged items.
  • Shop seasonal items to get huge discounts.
  • Avail Home Accent clearance events to get 90% off.
  • Create a free account and add items to your wishlist.
  • Keep the receipt for price adjustments.
  • Save 10% extra while shopping for a charitable organization.
  • Earn points with Rewards Credit Card.
  • Apply for a full or part-time job at Hobby Lobby.

Shop Smart during Christmas

During the month of December, especially around Christmas, people are on a tight budget generally. Right about this time, people usually feel generous and also love shopping. They make changes in their houses; try to find the perfect home decor, to search for personalized things to give their most loved ones. Shopping at Hobby Lobby is the most convenient and perfect place to find gifts for loved ones as well as to decorate your home. Additionally, if one is feeling too generous, this is also the most effective way to shop for products for a charitable institution and receive extra discounts on it. So whether it is your hard earned salary or be it your monthly allowance, this Christmas don’t spend it too recklessly on buying stuff for loved ones. Never compromise whether it is financially or to go the extra mile to show love for friends and family. Be smarter this Christmas; come to shop at Hobby Lobby!


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