Barnes and Noble Black Friday Sale: Upto 70% Off On All Items

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By Abhipray Chaurasia - Nov 13 2019

Barnes and Noble is one of the top booksellers in the U.S. It operates multiple stores across the country. It also engages in the sale of textbooks, home decor, and office supplies online. The company happens to be the biggest supplier of books from different genres. Under the Black Friday sale, Barnes and Noble offers some best sellers at discounted prices. Get ready to grab the best books at prices that won't hurt your pockets.

When is Barnes and Noble Black Friday Sale?

Barnes and Noble Black Friday Sale starts on Thanksgiving Day. They start with the online sale on Thursday, November 22. The online sale would be open for all users registered with Barnes and Noble.

Barnes and Noble Black Friday Hours

Barnes and Noble Black Friday Sale would begin in the early morning hours of Thanksgiving and would continue till the weekend. 

Barnes and Noble Black Friday Deals and Offers

Apart from the discounts on various products across their website, they also offer cashback offers. As part of their Black Friday Deals, spend $50 or more on gift cards and get $10 cashback as Barnes and Noble Rewards cashback.  




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Exclusive Barnes and Noble Deals 2019

1) 6 books at a flat 10% discount

  • Valid for all Barnes and Noble registered users

  • Code provided when you add 6 books in cart

  • Valid for Prepaid offers

  • Pay via Credit/Debit cards, Paypal or Masterpass

2) Extra 10% off on online orders

  • Discount can be applied to all products

  • Valid on already discounted products

  • No minimum order value required 

  • Not valid for NOOK devices and books & LEGO toys and games

3) Free shipping to all locations

  • Applicable to all products listed on the Barnes and Noble website

  • Order via app or website

  • Minimum order value of $35 for non-registered Barnes and Noble users

  • No minimum order value for registered users

Top 10 products under Barnes and Noble Black Friday Sale:

One Good Deed by David Baldacci

Get your hands on the latest book by the bestselling author, David Baldacci. In this novel, he introduces a new character Archer who is a straight-talking former World War II soldier fresh out of prison for a crime he did not commit. Experience the thrill when he rushes against the clock to find the real culprit behind a murder that he is being framed for. Buy it today for just $12.15 against the original price of $29.00

Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

Endorsed by Reese Witherspoon and Hello Sunshine Book Club, this heartbreaking story explains how we never change from what we actually were as kids. Set in the era of the late 1960s, this suspense book is filled with twists and turn which are bound to keep you on the hook. As part of the Barnes and Noble Black Friday Sale, get it for just $15.60 as compared to the original price of $26.00

Thrawn : Treason (Barnes and Noble Special Edition) Star Wars by Timothy Zahn

Relive the classic characters of General Admiral Thrawn and Emperor Palpatine in this new Star Wars novel. Read about how the legendary General Admiral makes his way to the upper echelons of the Emperor’s council and tackle the dilemma of whether to serve the empire or do the right thing. Get it for just $28.99 against the original listed price of $19.48

The Nickel Boys (Barnes and Noble Book Club Edition) by Colson Whitehead

Set in the Jim Crow-era Florida, The Nickel Boys tells the story of a dreaded reform school that breaks the student to their core and make sure that anyone who questions them disappears into the oblivion. Read this dark and chilling story with a racial undertone, it is based on a real account of such a school that operated for a hundred and eleven years. Buy it for $14.97 as compared to the original price of $24.95

Becoming by Michelle Obama

In this fascinating and engaging read, Michelle Obama shares anecdotes from her own life that have been filled with humor, love, and honesty. The book helps us see the girl, woman, wife, mother and first lady that she went on to become. Read about her experience of living inside the most famous address of the world while being under great media scrutiny for just $19.50 against the listed price of $32.50

Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know about the People We Don’t Know by Malcolm Gladwell

The host of a famous podcast named ‘Revisionist History’ and the author of several very famous books such as The Tipping Point, Blink, Outliers, David and Goliath and What the Dog Saw is back with another interesting book. It teaches us as to how to go ahead and talk to strangers so that any conversation is not futile or fruitless. As part of the Barnes and Noble Black Friday Sale, buy the hardcover edition for just $21 as compared to the original price of $30

The New Girl (Signed Book) - Gabriel Allon Series #19 by Daniel Silva

The latest offering from Daniel Silva has his trademark storytelling of vengeance, deception, and betrayal all over it. Introducing a character from his previous books, Silva artfully applies basic history school lessons into his books and keep you on the hook throughout the book. Buy this suspense novel for just $12.15 against the original price of $16.99

Stranger Things Cream Mug

Take your fandom to a whole new level with this Stranger Things Coffee Mug. The cream-colored mug has the Stranger Things logo embossed over it. Teleport to the dark world of Upside Down where the Mind Flayer rules and save yourself from the prowl of demogorgons and demodogs. Get this mug for just $4.99 as compared to the listed price of $9.99

Harry Potter Glow in the Dark Beanie

Get the feel of being the boy who lived. This knit cuff hat is designed with the signature Harry Potter spectacles and the thunderbolt which glow in the dark. It has an elastic fit that makes it easy to wear for both youth and adults alike. As part of the Barnes and Noble Black Friday Sale, buy the beanie for just $4.97 instead of the listed price of $9.95

Timberland Icon Black Leather Wallet

Keep your valuables like cards, coins and currency safe with this strikingly impressive black colored leather wallet. It has room for 5 cards and 2 IDs. The 2 compartments make it easy to keep your paper currency. Buy it at a discounted price of just $13.99 against the original price of $19.99. 

Top deals across various categories:

Barnes and Noble are offering great deals and offers as part of Barnes and Noble Black Friday Sale. We have compiled a list of the most popular products on discount so that it is easy for you to shop during the shopping festival

Barnes & Noble Deals on Books



Original Price 

Discounted Price

City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert



Lady in the Lake by Laura Lippman



The Chain by Adrian McKinty



The Institute: A Novel by Stephen King



The Lager Queen of Minnesota by J. Ryan Stradal



The Pigeon HAS to Go to School! By Mo Williams 



Burn After Writing by Sharon James



Dark Age (Signed Book) (Red Rising Series #5) by Pierce Brown



The Alchemist (25th Anniversary Edition) by Paulo Coelho



The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein



The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris

This wonderful book compiles interviews of many holocaust survivors with Auschwitz-Birkenau tattooist Ludwig Lale Sokolov. It’s an incredible and empowering book that is filled with tales of courage and hope. The book is based on the basic premise that hope is what keeps us alive even during our darkest hour. Buy it for just $10.90 as compared to the original price of $16.99

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

One of the modern-day classics, the book explains the concept of racism and prejudice through the eyes of a six-year-old girl. Read about how the book teaches us about the perils of racism in Southern USA during the era of the 1930s. As part of the Barnes and Noble Black Friday Sale, get the book for just $7.19 against the original listed price of $8.99

Unfreedom of the Press by Mark R. Levin

Mark Levin has been in the press business for a long time now. In this book, the experienced radio host tries to explain how the freedom of the press is being curtailed from inside. Read the insider account on how media holds the power to shape minds and countries at large. Buy it for just $16.80 as compared to the original price of $16.80

Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood by Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah has been at the forefront of the comic scene in the USA for a long time now. In this inspiring memoir, he tries to explain his childhood, his youth, the problems of his birth and how even his birth was a crime under the tyrannical apartheid regime of South Africa. Grab this book for a discounted price of $11.70 as compared to the listed price of $18.00

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Adapted into a very famous movie, this classic novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald tells us about the lush life that the wealthy and uptight Jay Gatsby and his love for parties while trying to win the heart of his favorite Daisy Buchanan. A must-read, this book is available for just $10.91 against the original price of $17.00


Barnes & Noble Deals on Textbooks


Original Price

Discounted Price

American Taxation, American Slavery by Robin L. Einhorn



Linear Algebra Demystified by David McMahon



A Short Guide to Writing About Art by Sylvan Barnet



Pathophysiology: Introductory Concepts and Clinical Perspectives by Theresa M. Capriotti



Advanced Calculus Demystified by David Bachman



The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine by Michael Lewis



Principles of Microeconomics by N. Gregory Mankiw



Essentials of Music Theory by Andrew Suramni



Antibiotics Simplified by Jason C. Gallagher



Nursing Informatics and The Foundation of Knowledge by Dee McGonigle



A Little History of the World by E.H. Gombrich & Clifford Harper

One of the must-haves for anyone’s history collection, this book covers the story of Mankind from the Stone Age to World War 2. One of the best books one need to have to know about the history in a very brief way. Buy this reference book for just $13.85 as compared to the original price of $15.00

Thirteen Days: A Memoir of the Cuban Missile Crisis by Robert F. Kennedy & Arthur Meier Schlesinger

Relive the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis and how it went on to shape American Politics in the long run. It explains how close the world was on the brink of a nuclear holocaust. Read this first-hand account by Robert F. Kennedy and a foreword by Arthur Meier Schlesinger for just $9.81 as compared to the original price of $15.95

The Human Brain Book by Rita Carter

One of the most suggested books to learn the anatomy of the human brain. It comes bundled with an interactive DVD that makes learning easier. Buy it for just $21.05 as compared to the original price of $40.00

The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels

This is a book that defined communism as a political ideology. It explains the idea of communism, its development, and propagation by thinkers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. As part of the Barnes and Noble Black Friday Sale, buy it for just $2.72 as compared to the original price of $3.00

Euclid’s Elements by AU Euclid

Geometry becomes easy for you now with Euclid's Elements. This single book contains all 13 volumes of Euclid’s treatise on various mathematical concepts. Get it at a discounted rate of $18.70 as compared to the original price of $29.95.


Barnes & Noble Deals on Toys


Original Price

Discounted Price

Mickey The True Original Collector’s Chess Set



Clifford Puppet



Paw Patrol Roll Patrol Rubble’s Mountain Rescue Track Set



RailRoad PuzBox (2 Puzzles in a Wood Box)



Jungle! Racing Board Game



Big Hero 6 - 4” Action Figure



Curious George Hand Puppet



DC JLA 12” Batmobile



Ninja Hand Spinner



Avenger Selfie Stick with built-in shutter release



Smithsonian Circuit Lab

Help your kid explore the basic electrical connections and combinations. This circuit lab is bundled with control with an LED, Radio, Color Filter Speaker and Doorbell. It also has a 35” x 23” color poster and is suitable for ages 8+. Buy it for $24.97 as compared to the original price of $49.95 

Sky Viper Hover Racer

Connect this Hover Racer with your smartphone and feel the thrill of flying this hover racer. It also has a co-pilot mode where you can compete with your buddy and outmaneuver them. Unlock stronger weapons, higher drone performance and gain advantage as you move up levels. Get it for $54.97 against the listed price of $109.95

Air Hogs Robo Trax - All-Terrain Tank with Robot Transformation

Gift your child this all-terrain tank that can easily go over any indoor or outdoor surface. It also has two missile bays and has dimensions of 8” x 7” x 3”. It can be controlled remotely and as part of the Barnes and Noble Black Friday Sale you can get it for just $37.47 as compared to the original price of $74.95

Avengers 6” Figures with Stone & Accessory (Assorted, Styles Vary)

Get aboard the hype train and collect the various action figures of these famous Marvel Heroes. From Captain America to  Starlord, you have it all with the 6” action figurines. Buy it for a price of $4.99 as compared to the original price of $9.99

Avengers Infinity Gauntlet

Experience the adrenaline rush through you when you harness the power of the six infinity stones when you wear this Infinity Gauntlet. It has also has a special sound effect and lighting. Designed to fit most kid hand sizes, get this Infinity Gauntlet Electronic Fist for $14.99 against the original price of $19.99

Games and Collectibles:

Barnes &Noble Deals on Games and Collectibles


Original Price

Discounted Price

Pictopia: Disney Edition



Stranger Things Slime Compound



Rick and Morty Collectible Shaped Button



Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Playtime Face Ceramic 3D Sculpted Mug



Sesame Street 50th Anniversary 16oz Tumbler with Lid



Deadpool - Icon Premium A5 Journal



Game of Thrones: Jeoffrey Baratheon Figure



Ms. Pac-Man Mini Arcade Game



Cuphead The Devil Beanie



Alice in Wonderland



Cosmo Brain Teaser Ball

This could be the perfect addition to your kids’ set of toys. It has a fidget that keeps you busy and the quest to put the colored balls in the right place makes it a perfect stress remover. As part of the Barnes and Noble Black Friday Sale, get it for a discounted price of $4.99 as compared to the original price of $9.99.

Harry Potter Marauder’s Map Teapot

The high-quality ceramic teapot has a marauder’s map displayed all over it. It also sports a burgundy colored handle whose ergonomic design helps to handle it more easily. Manage all your mischief and get this cute pot of magic for just $12.47 against the listed price of $24.95

Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Shot Glass Set

As Tyrion Lannister says: I drink and know things. You can also drink and get to know things now with this beautiful Dragon Egg designed Shot Glass Set. It is a set of 3 shot glass that represents the three dragons from the hit series. Get it for just $7.49 against the original price of $14.99

Scrabble Wood Nostalgia

The classic scrabble game now comes with wood packaging. Gather your friends or family and get on with this vintage game. Enjoy the game while enhancing your knowledge and vocabulary and buy it for just $24.46 as compared to the original price of $34.95

Red Italian Leather Stamped Heart Journal

Get this recycled leather cover journal to write your thoughts on. It consists of 120 ivory lined pages and a red satin ribbon. It has a dimension of 5” x 7” and is handcrafted in Florence (Italy). Buy it for just $13.96 as compared to the original price of $19.95

Home and Office Gifts:

Barnes & Noble Deals on Home and Office Gifts


Original Price

Discounted Price

British Tan Italian Leather Hardbound Journal



Sparkly Garden Thank You Box Notecard (Set of 14)



Stars and Stripes Red, White, and Blue (100% Cotton Throw)



Acadia Tan Leather Guest Book



Succulent Garden Notecards: 20 Different Cards and Envelopes



Relax Foot Roller



Zodiac Necklace Gold - Pisces



Thymes Eucalyptus Bath Soap



Lumiere Diffusing Essential Oil Diffuser



Yellow Gold Ceramic Pear Scented Candle Jar



Bamboo AromaPen with Peppermint Essential Oil

Keep your mood light and enjoy little aromatherapy sessions while you are at work or on the go. It comes with an easy to use pen in which you can just put a few drops of scented oil on the refill and enjoy the magic of aromatherapy. It also comes with 6 microfiber replacement needles. Get it for a discounted rate of $9.80 as compared to the original price of $14.00

Twilight Garden Note Cards Set of 14

Move over the habit of jotting down important details on little pieces of paper. This designer Twilight Garden Note Card set has a  nighttime background that comes in a set of 14 cards. You can use them as Thank You notes or Christmas notes. Buy it for $5.39 against the listed price of $8.99

Pineapple Note Cards

This Pineapple Note Cards comes with a set of 14 cards and 15 envelopes. Leave your close ones cute little notes with these cards sized 5” x 3.5”. It has a smooth finish and a gold foil pineapple icon and matching border. As part of the Barnes and Noble Black Friday Sale, get it for just $6.29 as compared to the original price of $8.99

Thymes Eucalyptus Aromatic Candle 9 oz

Experience the soothing fragrance of thyme and eucalyptus. It has a non-metal wick that will burn for up to 60 hours. It also provides a natural glow that makes sure you are energized and refreshed. It is available for a discounted price of $20.96 as compared to the original price of $29.95

Steve Madden Wallet and Key Fob Gift Set - Brown

Gift this beautiful wallet and key fob set from Steve Madden to your partner. It has a full leather construction that gives it a seamless finish. The wallet has 4 card slots that make it easy for you to keep your plastic money. Buy it for just $8.99 against the original price of $14.99

Movies and TV:

Barnes & Noble Deals on Movies & TV

Barnes and Noble boast of one of the biggest movie libraries. They store classics such as Citizen Kane and also available on pre-order are the latest movies such as Avengers: Endgame. Browse through their collection and make full use of the Barnes and Noble Black Friday Sale.


Original Price

Discounted Price

Criterion Collection: Do the Right Thing



1984 by Michael Radford



Blue Velvet by David Lynch



The Princess Bride by Rob Reiner



12 Monkeys by Terry Gilliam 



The Graduate by Mike Nichols



My Name is Julia Ross by Joseph H. Lewis



Rushmore by Wes Anderson



The Thin Red Line by Terrence Malick



Hold Back the Dawn by Mitchell Leisen




Barnes & Noble Deals on Music


Original Price 

Discounted Price

Records [Red Vinyl] [Barnes and Noble Exclusive] by Foreigner



The Greatest Showman [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]



A Star is Born [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] by Lady Gaga



Scorpion by Drake



Port Saint Joe by Brothers Osborne



The Very Best of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons



Greatest Hits by Red Hot Chilli Peppers



Elvis 30 #1 Hits by Elvis Presley



Photographs and Memories: His Greatest Hits by Jim Croce



Out of the Blues by Boz Scaggs



Nook e-readers and Tablets:

Barnes & Noble Deals on Nook & Nook Books

Nook is a flagship brand from Barnes and Noble which provides us with e-readers and tablets which help us in experiencing a better way to read e-books. As part of the Barnes and Noble Black Friday Sale, they are available on dicounts


Original Price

Discounted Price

NOOK Tablet 7”



NOOK Tablet 10.1”



Samsung Galaxy Tab A NOOK



Samsung Galaxy Tab E NOOK



NOOK GlowLight Plus



NOOK GlowLight 3



Barnes and Noble Gift Cards:

This holiday season gift your near ones these redeemable Barnes and Noble Gift Cards. You can select the design for the gift card that you want and then select the value as well.

How to avail the Barnes and Noble Black Friday Deals:

  • Login to the Barnes and Noble website with your credentials

  • Choose from the products under Barnes and Noble Black Friday Sales and add them to your cart

  • Review your order and click on check out 

  • Input all the relevant details

  • Select your preferred mode of payment

  • Make the payment

  • Once the order is placed, you will receive a confirmation on your registered mail

How to enroll in the Barnes and Noble Membership Program:

Sign up for the Barnes and Noble Membership Program and get multiple benefits. Important features for the Barnes and Noble Membership Program are:

  • Sign up for just $25 and receive over $60 in coupons instantly

  • Amazing savings every time you shop 

  • Free Express Shipping on every online Barnes and Noble purchase

  • Special Member exclusive offers

Why shop from Barnes and Noble Black Friday Sale:

Barnes and Noble has been the leading retailer for books for quite a while now. They also deal in other categories such as toys, collectibles, notebooks, and other such products. The Black Friday Sale occurs once a year and offers the best discounts on a wide range of products. Why miss a chance to participate in the biggest sale of the year. Barnes and Noble bring to you the best products and you really can not afford to miss out on these wonderful offers.


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